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The Township of Chatsworth provides Building Services (ie. inspections, permits, etc.) through a Shared Services Agreement with the Municipality of West Grey and the Townships of Grey Highlands and Southgate.

If you are interested in building in the Township of Chatsworth and would like to discuss your project, a Building Official can meet with you at the Township office. Please contact us at 519-794-3232, Ext. 128 or to arrange a consultation. You may also contact the Chief Building Official, Joint Building Services at 226-909-0668.

Building permits allow the Township to protect the interests of both individuals and the community as a whole. By reviewing and approving building plans before any work is done, the Township can ensure that buildings comply with the Building Code, which sets standards for the design and construction of buildings to meet objectives such as health, safety, fire protection, accessibility and resource conservation; the local Zoning By-law and other planning controls, and other applicable legislation, including conservation authority approvals and certain requirements under the Environmental Protection Act.


The Township of Chatsworth Roads Department maintains approximately 483 km of roads within the Township boundaries. Of those 483 km, approximately 250 km are gravel, 85 km are hotmix and 148 km are paved. The main administrative duties are handled at the Township Municipal Office. There are two depots, one located in the former Sullivan Township and the other in the former Holland Township.

Anyone wishing to construct an entrance must apply for an Entrance Permit.

Township of Chatsworth Entrance Permit Application

Township of Chatsworth Entrance Policy

Access onto a Township road must be applied for through and approved by the Township of Chatsworth.

Access onto a provincial highway must be applied for through and approved by the Ministry of Transportation.

Access onto a county road must be applied for through and approved by the County of Grey Transportation Services.

Civic 9-1-1 Addressing

In order to apply for a civic number you must first have a legal entrance. All civic number requests are applied for at the Township Municipal Office.


The Township of Chatsworth has two municipal residential drinking water systems servicing the Village of Chatsworth and Hamlet of Walters Falls. The Township contracts the operation and maintenance of the municipal water systems to the Ontario Clean Water Agency.

2017 Annual Water Report - Chatsworth Water System

2017 Annual Water Report - Walters Falls Water System