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Fundraising for the Multi-Use Recreation Facility

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The Multi-Use Recreation Facility Fundraising Committee will provide support, guidance and strategic advice to Council related to the raising of funds for the development of a new Multi-Use Community Recreation Facility for the Township of Chatsworth, to ensure that the Township’s plans for the new Facility are financially achievable.

Scope of Responsibilities:

  1. Promote the Facility as an asset integral for the Township, as set out in the Recreation Master Plan.
  2. Help foster public understanding of the project and plans for the new Facility.
  3. Develop a comprehensive fundraising strategy to fund the cost of the new Facility.
  4. Receive progress reports and cost summary reports beginning with initial facility planning and throughout construction and identify and provide advice on potential concerns arising from such reporting.
  5. Bring forward concerns to provide guidance and advice on potential concerns.
  6. Maintain confidentiality when required and/or requested from financial or in-kind donors.
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