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Reduced Load Limit Notice – Effective February 15, 2023

Township of Chatsworth Operations Department is giving notice to the
public that the reduced load limit on all highways under the jurisdiction of the
Township of Chatsworth will be effective beginning Wednesday February 15,

Township ofChatsworth By-law 2019-22 titled “Designate Reduced Load
Period and Highways” states in section 2.2 “That the reduced load period may
be altered if the Operations Manager determines that the condition of the
highway is such that there is risk of damage to the highway if the reduced load
is not imposed.”

The reduced load period normally occurs from March 1st to April 30th in any
given year. However, due to the unseasonal weather conditions in the area, the
Township of Chatsworth will be enacting the reduced load limit starting
Wednesday February 15, 2023.

Should you have any questions, please contact Jamie Edwards, Operations
Manager at 519-794-3232 ex. 137 or through email at

Jamie Edwards
Operations Manager

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