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Used Battery Recycling Collection Box at the Township Office

Did you know you can recycle your used batteries at the Township office?

Why Recycle Your Batteries?

To keep harmful materials
out of our landfills:

Used batteries ending up in landfill can contain potentially toxic materials that may harm wildlife and the environment.

To keep people & property
in our community safe:

Responsible battery recycling practices ensure batteries are handled in a way that reduces potential fire hazards.

To support sustainability
& resource conservation:

Materials reclaimed from recycled
batteries can be used to make new

  1. Bag all batteries in a clear, sealable bag.
  2. Seal the bag for safe handling
  3. Drop in the collection box at the township office.

About Call2Recycle ®
Call2Recycle is a not-for-profit bat tery recycling program
dedicated to the safe collection and recycling of batteries.
Visit w ww.call2r for more information.

*The Call2Recycle program accepts single-use batteries like AA, AAA, 9V, D, C and others, as well as rechargeable batteries often found in portable devices like power tools. Please no car batteries or batteries weighing over 5 kg each.

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