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Applications, Licenses and Permits

The Township of Chatsworth administers various licenses and permits for businesses, individuals and organizations to ensure public health and safety, consumer protection, fairness in business practices, and quality control of service. The application process and associated fees will vary depending on the type of application, license or permit required. Some frequently requested applications and links to related information are provided below.


The Township issues a variety of certificates, licences and permits which will require an application form. The type of certificate, licence or permit will determine the user fees and application process. Some of the activities that require licences within the Township are:


The Province of Ontario issues birth certificates. For more information on birth certificates, please visit ServiceOntario.

The Province of Ontario issues death certificates through the Office of the Registrar General. For more information on death certificates, please visit ServiceOntario.

The Province of Ontario issues marriage certificates through the Office of the Registrar General. For more information on marriage certificates, please visit ServiceOntario.


The Township of Chatsworth requires every dog owner to register his or her dog and obtain an annual license. Dog tags identify your pet and ensure they get home safely if they are lost. If your dog is picked up by Canine Control and it does not have a tag, you may incur additional fees and charges.

In 2024, permanent dog tags will be issued to all registered dogs in the Township. From 2025 forward all registered dog owners will receive their annual invoice by mail and dogs will be required to wear their permanent tag.

For more information, please contact the Township office at 519-794-3232.

The Township of Chatsworth regulates and licenses dog kennels within the Township.  For more information on Kennel Licence Applications please contact the Clerks Department.

The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario governs and manages liquor licensing in the Township of Chatsworth. For more information on Liquor License Applications including Special Occasion Permits, please visit the AGCO website.

The Township of Chatsworth issues lottery licenses to eligible charitable organizations. For more information on Lottery Eligibility, Applications, Use of Lottery Proceeds and Lottery Licensing reporting, please contact the Deputy Clerk at 519-794-3232.

The Clerk’s Office issues marriage licences for couples wishing to be married in Ontario. To apply:

  1. complete an application;
  2. have it signed by both parties;
  3. have one or both applicants bring it to the Clerk’s Office (8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Monday to Friday);
  4. provide identification
  5. pay the licence fee of $150

Please review the Getting Married Information if you plan to get married in Ontario.


The Building Department is responsible for ensuring that construction and renovation projects in the Township are safe and adhere to the zoning by-laws, the Ontario Building Code and any applicable health and safety regulations.

A building permit is a formal written approval from the Township to construct, add on to, or renovate an existing building on your property.

There are many instances that require an individual to obtain a building permit. It is necessary to apply for a building permit when you plan to:

  • Construct a new building
  • Renovate an existing building
  • Construct or excavate a foundation
  • Install or replace a septic system
  • Demolish a building
  • Build a deck

Once you have submitted a building permit application to the Township, it will be reviewed to determine compliance with the Building Code Act. Your application will also be reviewed to ensure that it complies with the Zoning By-Law and any other applicable requirements.

Once a permit has been issued, it is your responsibility to contact the Building Department to request the building inspections as noted on your permit. Failure to do so may result in additional fees and/or the need to uncover work already completed so that an inspection may be completed.

Building Permit Fees

The following Building Permit Fees for the 2018 year were calculated in accordance with the Fees and Charges by-law. Building Services has delegated fees for building, demolishing, and renovating in residential, institutional, commercial, agricultural, and industrial settings.

Development Charges

Development Charges for the County of Grey can be found Please note, County Development Charges are collected by the Township for new or redeveloped residential properties.

Open Air Burn Permits are required for open air burning. Please refer to the Open Air Burn By-law and Burn Permit form.

Anyone wishing to construct an entrance must apply for an Entrance Permit.

Township of Chatsworth Entrance/Culvert & Road Crossing Permit Application

Township of Chatsworth Entrance and Road Crossing Policy

  • Access onto a Township road must be applied for through and approved by the Township of Chatsworth.
  • Access onto a county road must be applied for through and approved by the County of Grey Transportation Services.
  • Access onto a provincial highway must be applied for through and approved by the Ministry of Transportation.

Civic 9-1-1 Addressing
In order to apply for a civic number you must first have a legal entrance. All civic number requests are applied for at the Township Municipal Office. The current cost of obtaining a civic number is $200.00.

Township of Chatsworth Civic Address Application

Application for a Septic System.

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