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The Township of Chatsworth is committed to responding to service requests and formal complaints about municipal programs, services, facilities, staff, and operational procedures consistently, and by following a clearly defined process. This process is in place to facilitate the response to requests for service and/or complaints arising from current levels of service being offered by the Municipality.

Complaints – By-law Enforcement
The Township of Chatsworth’s By-Law Enforcement Officer enforces municipal by-laws in a way that protects the community’s health, safety and quality of life. The By-Law Enforcement Officer investigates written complaints about property standards, parking, noise, zoning infractions and other municipal by-laws.

By-law enforcement is provided by James Special Services (except for animal control). You can file a complaint about a possible by-law violation (e.g. parking, noise, zoning, building, or property standards) by completing a complaint form and submitting it to:  or by telephone at 519-794-3232 ex. 811.

Depending on the nature of the complaint, the By-Law Enforcement Officer may ask you to provide evidence and/or to appear as a witness in any court proceeding about the complaint made.

Complaints about Animal Control (eg. Dogs running at large, barking) is enforced by Cheryl Roberts, Animal Control Officer, or by telephone at 519-794-3232 ex. 810.

Service Request
A Service Request is not a complaint.

A service request is notifying the municipality of an issue or request whether it be a matter of maintenance, safety, or otherwise.  We appreciate these types of submissions as we may not be aware of the issue and can address it faster. Examples of service requests could be a street light out, potholes, or missed garbage collection. You can submit a service request using the Complaint/Service Request Form and submit it to or by calling the Township office at 519-794-3232.

Commonly Requested By-laws

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