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Below is a list of cemeteries that are owned, licensed and maintained by the Township, as well as a list of privately owned cemeteries within the Township. The Township of Chatsworth Cemetery Operator License number is #3270526.

These cemeteries are owned, licensed, and maintained by the Township. Each has interment rights available for purchase from the Township. These cemeteries are subject to the Township’s Cemetery By-law with the exclusion of Shiloh Cemetery.

Chatsworth Cemetery
33 Toronto-Sydenham Street, Chatsworth

Desboro Cemetery
742064 Sideroad 4A

Keward Cemetery
196996 Concession 5A

Shiloh Cemetery
316465 Highway 6

St. Paul’s Anglican Cemetery
317149 Highway 6 &10

These cemeteries are owned, licensed, and maintained by the Township. Interment rights in these cemeteries have all been sold and burials are only by interment rights holders.

Berkeley United Church Cemetery
776184 Highway 10 Berkeley

St. Matthias Anglican Cemetery
776185 Highway 10

Cedardale Cemetery
642527 McCullough Lake Road

Hemstock Cemetery
316856 Highway 6

Mount Zion Cemetery
720227 Sideroad 20

These cemeteries are owned, licensed, and maintained by the Township. There are no interment rights for sale and no burials occurring.

Cooke’s Church Cemetery*
580331 Sideroad 60
*Licensed but not owned by the Township.

McLeod Cemetery
Lot 22/23 Concession 1 EGR

Mennonite Brethren Cemetery*
315289 Highway 6
*Licensed but not owned by the Township.

Moggie Baptist Cemetery
395757 Concession 2 EGR

Mount Pleasant Cemetery
775759 Highway 10

Pleasant Valley Cemetery
796003 East Back Line

St. Luke’s Anglican Cemetery*
215 Centre Street, Williamsford
*Licensed but not owned by the Township.

*Williamsford Anglican Cemetery
Lot 44 Concession 1

St. John Anglican Church Cemetery
136334 Grey Road 40

Grace Church Cemetery
016157 Grey Bruce Line

These cemeteries are owned, licensed, and maintained by other parties within the Township.

Harkaway United Cemetery
635762 Holland-Euphrasia Townline
John Lewis 519-379-1685

Knox Presbyterian Cemetery
316117 Highway 6
Bob Elliot 519-794-3947

St. James Lutheran Cemetery
142 Gordon Street, Williamsford
Dave Bryans 519-794-2300

St. Mark’s Anglican Cemetery
797269 East Back Line
Greg Givens 519-794-2735

St. Philips Anglican Cemetery
193 Alma Street, Walters Falls
Larry Quinton 705-445-4419

St. Stanislaus Roman Catholic Cemetery
317087 Highway 6 & 10
Angela Corrigan 519-376-0778

Walters Falls Cemetery
200 Alma Street, Walters Falls
Merv Long 519-794-3042

Amish Cemetery
135435 Concession 8
Joseph Miller, RR1 Desboro ON N0H 1K0

Faith Lutheran Cemetery
742068 Sideroad 4A
Paul Sachs 519-363-5802

Golden Valley Cemetery
216551 Concession 4
Willis Spencer 519-794-3617

St. Peter’s Lutheran Cemetery
682325 Sideroad 6
Steve Lembke 519-363-0152

Chatsworth Cemetery Map

Chatsworth Cemetery Map
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