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The Georgian Bluffs and Chatsworth BIOGRID (Bio Green Renewable Industrial Digester), is located on Sideroad 3 in the former Township of Derby, across from Harold Sutherland’s Downs Pit. The BIOGRID site is located on the same property as the sewage lagoons.

The process to treat residential sewage, process fats, oils and grease from the poultry industry, and digest various source-separated organics like vegetable waste and organic industrial waste in the BIOGRID is not that difficult. By processing domestic solid waste and source-separated organics, including fats, oils, and greases, we are able to access a previously untapped revenue opportunity. The BIOGRID sewage treatment plant pays money back to Chatsworth and Georgian Bluffs to partially offset the fixed operating costs all sewage treatment facilities are burdened with. As a bonus, BIOGRID produces an environmentally safe fertilizer that can be used in farming as a safe alternative to chemical fertilizers.

The Joint Board encourages all residents of Chatsworth and Georgian bluffs to instruct sewage haulers to bring your septic tank waste to the BIOGRID for processing. It’s” the environmentally right thing to do”.

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