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Update April 2022 – Notice to Residents of Chatsworth – Spring Clean-up (Fibre To The Home Build)

Update April 2022 – Ledcor Technical Services will be completing phase 2 of their spring clean-up in Chatsworth starting April 25, 2022. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Ledcor at (519)-359-2273 or by email at

Please see the following notice from Ledcor Technical Services regarding the Fibre To The Home build.

“Residents of Chatsworth, thanks for playing host to our Fibre To The Home build, in what was a challenging , yet enjoyable, winter season. As the snow melts you will undoubtably notice that your yard needs some attention due to the work of our crews.

Please be assured that we will be taking a full inventory of all issues, at every address, that we’ve touched over the winter. That inventory will be complete by the end of next week (March 25th). Our process to repair/address any issues is very simple. First, we will address any, and all, issues that represent a safety issue as the spring melt continues. The goal of this is to eliminate any tripping hazards, sunken holes, etc, temporarily. Secondly, as the weather allows, and topsoil becomes available, the crews will return to all addresses to perform final remediation, and return the areas back to normal for the summer.

If at any time, any resident feels that the work has not been performed satisfactory, or, should any safety hazard persist, or be missed, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the number, and email, below, those issues will be routed to the field, and allow us to address them both in a timely, and appropriate, manner.”


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